Family business Van Tuijl Feed Enrichment has been active in the world of animal feed for over sixty years. Besides providing services, Van Tuijl Feed Enrichment also produces finely ground and extruded flour products. On behalf of third parties, we process raw materials that is intended for young animal nutrition, including calf, piglet and pet food. In addition to mixing and grinding, our services include crushing, drying, extruding, (re)packaging, and storing raw materials. We do this from three locations, namely: Kesteren (head office), Lienden and Opheusden.



As a family-owned business, we place great importance on the global health of nature and the environment. Therefore, we strive to make our processes as sustainable as possible. Much of our services already involve the processing of by-products, actively contributing to the circular economy. This includes sustainable generation of green energy. For instance, our more than 7,500 solar panels produce over 2,700 MWh per year, and the cogeneration unit, which came into operation in 2023, generates 12,000 MWh per year. The excess heat from this cogeneration unit is used to provide heat to the headquarters and adjacent retailers.

Last year an independent research agency conducted a repositioning survey for us. The task was to assess the opinions of suppliers, customers, and employees regarding the Van Tuijl brand. What level of appreciation do customers have for Van Tuijl in terms of services, service delivery, knowledge, and reliability? How do they perceive the communication in general, including the visual expressions of this Dutch service provider in the feed industry?

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Our products

Van Tuijl Feed Enrichment lays the foundation for top quality throughout the food chain, from production to consumption. As an organization, we source raw materials, process recall products and manufacture animal feed. Through efficient production and optimization of our logistics processes, we try to leave the smallest possible ecological footprint. But also think of generating energy as sustainably as possible through solar panels. Did you know, for example, that a large part of the industrial area where Van Tuijl is located is heated with our residual heat?

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  • Crushing
  • Drying
  • Extrusion
  • Fine grinding to 50 microns
  • To blend
  • Pelleting
  • Packing in 10-25kg bags and big bags
  • Sifting