The refined process of mixing raw materials is one of our main pillars. Our expertise lies in the careful and meticulous mixing of vegetable proteins in combination with dairy powders, but also the homogenization of fine dairy powders, according to extremely specific recipes that are often supplied directly by the client. These recipes are not only the essence of our work, but also contain confidential information and are highly business sensitive. Ensuring absolute confidentiality concerning these recipes is of exceptional importance to us.

Our extensive experience, built up over many years, has given us an in-depth knowledge about mixing various recipes for the feed industry. Our modern mixing machines can convert practically any need from the market into the desired final product. We are able to mix complex recipes that are specific to your needs and requirements regardless of whether you supply the products yourself or purchase them from us. We mix powders from different sources, such as bulk quantities, big bags and bagged goods. The mixing process itself is an art that requires extreme precision and attention. Our dedicated team of experts ensures that every single ingredient in the recipe is handled with the utmost care. We understand that even a minimal deviation from the recipe can have significant consequences for the final product. Our customers trust that their confidential data is safe with Van Tuijl. We therefore see ourselves as a partner in the industry, rather than just a supplier.