Fine grinding up to 50 microns

We specialize in refining raw materials for the animal feed industry. Our expertise lies in (very) fine grinding, which allows us to excel in the production of high quality powdered ingredients. Thanks to advanced technologies, we can process raw materials at various mills into fine powders with a grinding degree that is variable between 2000 and 50 microns.

What sets us apart goes beyond the refinement process only. We are committed to ensuring the highest quality of our final products. This is made possible by our advanced measuring equipment that allows us to measure the fineness of the powder and closely monitor it. This allows us to guarantee consistency and ensure that the strict specifications of the feed industry (and our clients) are adhered to. Thanks to our many years of experience in the field, the quality of the final product is consistent and of a high quality. We have various grinding installations. This versatility allows us to meet your specific needs and requirements. Whether it is processing small batches with specific requirements or large volumes that require a streamlined approach, we can easily adapt.

Our preference for pneumatic transport in the production process also contributes to our distinctive approach. This offers significant advantages, especially for raw materials in the feed industry. The use of airflow minimizes the risk of cross-contamination during transport, which is incredibly important to maintain the purity of the end products. This is essential, especially with raw materials that are sensitive to contamination. In summary, Van Tuijl is your dedicated partner for refining raw materials that are vital to the feed industry. Our advanced technologies, precise measuring instruments and various grinding installations enable us to not only ensure the fineness of powder materials, but also to meet your specific requirements. With a strong focus on quality and our innovative use of pneumatic conveying, we are your reliable partner for processing raw materials as a basis or ingredient for high quality feed products.