To ensure optimal running characteristics, we use the pellet pressing plant. This advanced installation offers the capacity to pellet both composite mixtures and single products. The core function of the pellet press lies in compressing materials into pellets, which promotes consistency and quality in the running performance of the final products.

The pellet press plays a major role in refining raw materials into high-quality pelletized products. The raw materials are fed to the pellet mill, where they are subjected to compression. This printing process compresses the materials into compact pellets, resulting in improved density and uniformity of the structure.

The ability to pellet both mixtures and single components gives us a competitive advantage in the industry. We can meet the diverse needs of customers, ranging from tailor-made mixtures to individual specialized products.

This flexibility in production allows us to meet specific requirements and deliver products that meet our client’s expectations. After the pelleting process, the pelleted products are carefully stored in our own silos.

These silos serve as a storage facility where the products can be kept until they are ready for further processing, packaging or distribution. The use of silos ensures organized and efficient storage of the produced pellets, keeping them protected from external influences and guaranteeing the maintenance of their quality.