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Soy flour

Soy flour is suitable for piglets, calves and pet food. The soy flour product is available in different finenesses, varying between 250 and 50 microns.

Delivery options:
  • GMO free
  • Bulk
  • Big bags
  • Bags of 10 – 25 kg

Grinding soy flour on an industrial scale is an essential and versatile step in the production of young animal feed. Soy flour, a high-quality protein source, is particularly appreciated for its nutritional richness and is widely used in animal feed for various animals, including cattle, pigs, poultry and even in pet food. Because high quality soybeans are ground into a fine powder, an easily absorbable food for animals is created. This industrial-scale processing makes it possible to produce feed with a precisely composed nutritional value giving animals the exact nutritional support they need to grow and thrive optimally. Soy flour, especially suitable for young animals such as piglets and calves, not only contributes to the protein supply but also provides a source of essential amino acids, fibre and other important nutrients. These elements are vital for the healthy growth and well-being of these developing animals.

Our soy flour range is available in various fineness, ranging from 300 to 50 microns. This variation in particle size allows us to choose the perfect consistency that best suits the nutritional needs of different animals at different stages of life – and, of course, what meets our client’s wishes. In addition to soy flour containing genetically modified organisms (GMO), we also supply soy flour that is free of genetically modified organisms (NON-GMO). This ensures not only the natural nature of the product, but also its nutritional integrity for animals that depend on healthy and unmodified food. Our soy flour is available in various packaging options to meet different needs. This includes bulk delivery options, practical big bags and handy 25kg bags, optimizing distribution and ease of use.

Specification Royalsoy 485
Specification Royalsoy 500 NG
Specification Royalsoy 500
Specification Royalsoy 620 NG
Specification Royalsoy 620
Specification Royalsoy Excellent 500 NG
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